Johnson-Costello Post 355

Rental of Facilities Information

American Legion Post # 355 Rental Agreement

Charges for the use of the American Legion Pavilion or Dining Room are as follows:

Members:$100.00-Pavilion/$75-Dining Room    Non- Members:$175.00-Pavilion/$150.00-Dining Room


Every rental requires a $50.00 deposit and payment of fees at the time that the reservation is made. The deposit will be refunded within 14 days after the event providing the building is clean and there is no damage to the building or contents. All fees and deposits will be deposited in our Post house account.   A $25.00 fee for all returned checks.

Date: ____/____/_____

Facility requested: ___ Pavilion Start Date: ___/___/___

___ Dining room End Date: ___/ ___/ ___

Name of person responsible: ____________________________

Mailing address: _____________________________________

Telephone Number: Day ________________ Night __________________

What will the premises be used for? _____________________________________

Total number of people expected. ________________

Will the Legion be supplying food and beverages? Yes ___ No _____

Menu: ___________________________________________________________________

Beverages: _______________________________________________________________

The applicant agrees to the following:

Cleaning Specifications:

                          Floors swept

Waste baskets & garbage cans must be emptied into the dumpster, including bathrooms.

Bathroom sinks and toilets are to be cleaned and flushed.

Items attached to the ceilings & windows must be removed in its entirety.

Tables are to be washed and chairs are to be wiped off and clean.

All furniture to be placed in the position it was found.

Lights turned out and windows and doors closed.

Deposit will not be returned if any of the above conditions are not met. Any damage to the Pavilion or Dining room will be the responsibility of the renter. Damages will be deducted from the deposit and will result in additional monies if necessary. If the rental party chooses not to clean up, we will provide clean up of the facilities and the cost will be deducted from the deposit before any refunds are issued.

The renter and his/her guests and invitees shall comply with all rules and regulations of Post #355 and the American Legion.

Outside food is permitted. Outside alcohol is not permitted. We can provide a bartender at your expense.

Alcoholic beverages will only be served in a safe and responsible manner to adults 21 years of age or older.

Applicant use of the premises shall be limited to the event described above.

Applicant will not mark, or in anyway deface any part of the premises. Applicant shall take go0od care of the premises and turn them back over at the termination of the event in a clean, orderly condition. Pins, tacks or tape are not to be used on walls or ceilings. You must use adhesive stickers that do not remove paint when stickers are removed.

The applicant will strictly comply with the provisions here of. Applicants use of the premises may be terminated immediately for any violation of the provisions here of.

Cancellation: Reservation made:

                             less than 6 months-- 14 day notice      ~      6 months or longer-- 30 day notice



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